In Search Of Middle Ground

I saw an article today on the reality of celebrity fitness stars and that they are the epitome of fitness and health. It got me thinking about that subject and I've always believed they are not. Typically these elitists are extreme and often do not have a sustainable routine. But I thought about myself and my own battle with extremism. And I wonder if some of these stars don't suffer from the same false belief as I and that is that being exceptional physically will cover up the emotional holes.

I've turned 50 in the past few months and I'm just now starting to discover that perfection physically won't make up for lack of contentment emotionally. I recently had a client of mine go through a diet process because she wanted to lose 15 pounds. She didn't need to lose weight so I told her I'd help her but I wanted to know if she was happier at that perfect weight. Naturally my belief was she would not be. I'm always the expert when it comes to others.

Going through some chubby years in adolescence had me convinced that if I just have a good body than I'll find happiness and popularity. Its like looking for that gold at the end of the rainbow only to find years later through much heartache that the gold was actually lining your suit. You just didn't know to look within.  

It's taken me 35 years to realize that whether I'm 5% body fat or 15% it doesn't change who I am. Now I want to be healthy. I want to have energy, strength, and mobility so I can stay highly active. I want to eat healthy to be healthy. Striving for perfection was a facade and quite frankly selfish. I'm by no means where I want to be regarding my emotional health. I write this blog to hopefully provoke thought in you but I also write it simply because I'm trying to learn it myself. I get this mentally but the longest 12 inches ever traveled runs from the head to the heart.