Nancy Rowan

I did a 4k running race yesterday.  Yes, this is a 4k and not a 5k.  It's an interesting distance.  Nancy Rowan a client and friend of mine (and many) passed away way too young last year.  This was a shock to all of us.  She was a fixture to our running and wellness community for years.  Nancy started this Red Solo 4k race several years back at the Pavilion in Port Orange.  Yesterday was the race put on in her honor.  It felt right to go.   She and I had partnered in this race in the past.  She already is missed and based on the turnout the wellness community chooses to remember her.  Many people can sit home and complain about their life and many others choose to put on events that will get people out of their homes and a part of community.  Nancy was one of those people.   Nancy never ran to be better than people.  In all the years I knew her she only stated she loved to run.  She was a seeker of wellness and fitness.  I never heard her once state that she'd like to beat a particular competitor.  She wanted to perhaps run a certain time, but ultimately she just wanted to run.  Nancy made running social.  She put on a smile at every race she either produced, directed, or ran.   Nancy didn't speak much about spirituality but in part that's what made her spiritual.  Her actions showed her beliefs.  When we serve others we really don't need to tell people what we do.  I was happy to be there yesterday.  It was hot, it was humid.  It's August.  I know given the chance she would have been too.  Instead my bet is that Nancy is putting on races up in Heaven.  She's running with the saints and putting a smile on their faces.  Great race yesterday Nancy.  Thank you.  And God Bless.