Tough Love

Is there a best kind of personal trainer? I think there is. I don't mean in regards to credentials. That should be a given. Sadly, that's not what we see as a criteria often enough. But I'm not really talking about that. What is the best personal trainer personality?  

I believe the best personal trainer is similar to a good parent. Not a buddy but a parent. I see so many trainers that act like buddies and some clients call that a good trainer. But that's similar to a good buddy you like for a season. That changes when the you know what hits the fan. What we want when that happens is a person that has answers!  They may say it gruffly, insensitively, and lack tact, but we don't care. We want help. We got a ticket and we can't afford it. It might feel good for a buddy to agree with us that all cops are jerks, but we remember the attorney who says, "Look idiot, go to driving school and you'll get out of that one with less damage, and slow down!".   

A good trainer is like a good parent. There are rules.The trainer teaches the rules and they let the person feel the consequence if they don't follow them.  I hate the "It's OK, no biggie, you tried". Bullshit! First off client, know that the trainer is lying to you, they feel like you're totally slacking and they just don't want to deal with you. Next, it is OK. It's on you. I still care for my clients if they don't succeed but rules are rules. Good trainers and parents need to be tough. Tough love.   

Somebody doesn't follow the eating plan a good trainer points out that's the reason they didn't reach their goal.  They don't scratch their head and send them to have their thyroid checked.   

A good trainer and parent loves their clients and kids no mstter what but that doesn't mean their soft.  In fact the opposite Is true.  When you care your tough.  When you don't care your soft.   

Good parents, teachers, and trainers have one huge thing in common and that is they want to be respected more than be liked.  Wanting everybody to like you is a deep rooted insecurity.  The trainer that has that tendency has many clients that are failing to find success.