More Moderation!

How does that title make sense? Read and maybe you'll understand!  Who's the healthiest of this trio: couch potatoes, moderate exercisers, or obsessed fitness junkies? How about the trio of diet groups: see food diet (eat anything they see), heathly eaters, or Kale and Carrot heads? You'd have to really be a horrible test taker to miss these questions based on the title of blog.  It's the moderate group 2 that wins both times.  It seems that America doesn't like moderation.  Politically were either totally bat poop crazy right or nutso leftso.  I choose to be a free thinker and take each case case by case, but I'm not the norm (thank God).  In this diet and Health debate the research is on my side.  Over exercisers usually can't sustain their level and when they can't they quit.  Kale heads typically binge on junk food and justify.  Have you ever noticed that overweight people in the Lunch room at work are always giving their diet advice?  Huh? And typically be they fall off Their paleo kick and join the See Food click.  But those that chose to travel the road of moderation seem to avoid the dangers of the trees that grow to the far left and far right of the road.  They follow the path least traveled but don't ever stop.  That's the true key.  They are consistent because their lifestyle is sustainable.  So the 65 year old body builder simply kept at it for 45 years. The 75 year old runner ran a decent amount per week for years and years.  The nicely shaped beautiful grand mom never dieted nor ever lived without discipline.  Try moderation.  You may not feel the highs of excess bit you won't feel the lows of give up.  At Maxwell we believe in SEE training.  Safe, effective, and efficient.  Zero crazy claims.  Just giving you the real deal even if it's boring.