Body Building Is A Lifestyle

When you really get down to it, real body builders may be the healthiest group on the planet. Of humans that is. I know that may sound wrong or debatable at the least, but let's look at it. 

Yes body builders get a bad wrap. Most we think of are over developed, cut-off-sweat-shirt-wearing, lunks. But there are insecure, attention seeking people in every group. Body builders just stand out. Why? They bring out the insecurities in you "secure" types who are judging them. God forbid he looks better than you because he works hard and he's disciplined. No way. He's taking steroids and getting butt implants! Maybe, or maybe he just wants it more than you do. Yes, body building has been greatly compromised by drugs. But that's drugs. We humans like to cheat. Cheat ourselves. 

Natural body building is an awesome lifestyle. It is simply sculpting your body naturally, without drugs to look the best you can look. Natural bodybuilders workout daily. They eat very clean. They keep the main focus of working out on maintaining as much lean muscle tissue on the body as they age. What is wrong with that? They do not take illegal drugs so therefore they don't look like freaks. They just look good, young. Again, what is wrong with that? A healthy person mentally, spiritually, and physically is healthy no matter what they do for physical exercise. Body builders who act insecure by dressing like meatheads would do the same thing on the baseball field. It's no different than the 70 year old woman dressing like she's 30. There is a sadness to it. But a natural healthy body builder is just trying to be his best. If he's at the beach and you notice his "ripped" physique, why hate? You have your shirt off too. It's the beach. He's just looks better. If it brings out your own insecurities do something about it.  

Start going to the gym. I'm 50 now. I don't look like I did at 25. When I see that jacked 20 year old at the beach, I say good for him, he looks awesome. It takes hard work to look awesome. I feel that way because I'm secure. And, yes, a lifetime natural body builder. We can be secure. It takes emotional workouts to be secure. I'm always willing to put in the work. Peace.