Human Touch

what is the future of the fitness industry?  We need it.  More and more I still think it the best thing going.  I love when my gym clears out and I can lock the door and do my own workout.  I go into the workout with a tentative plan.  I at least know the area I want to hit.  As I warm up and feel better I get into a groove.  I’m now feeling it.  I’d say feeling high.  And this kind of high the politicians won’t fight about.  Based on the way most of them look they won’t seek that form of high either.  Results matter but so does the actual workout.  I heard Bono of U2 say the other day that their bands most productive song writing sessins occur when they simply go into the studio to play and enjoy the moment.  That’s how I feel about my workouts.  Yes I have goals.  I want to be healthier, be fit, look good, be strong, muscular.  But as I’ve gotten older I simply want to be in the gym.  It may be my favorite part of everyday.  I like the pump, the sweat, the endorphin high. I also clear my head.  I’ve gone into many workouts thinking about the great post I’m going to make on Facebook about some major political topic simply to finish the workout realizing that I’d rather stay out of Facebook feuds.  My big mouth needs a workout timeout before opening.  Future of the industry?  That.  We’re getting used to not being social.  There is still a need for talk, touch, and human connection.  As I’ve matured in this industry my goal as a trainer is to get the person to love the workout.  Love it like I do. If we love it, you’ll do it.  The more you do it the more you’ll notice that all those necessary goals are getting met, but now their secondary.  This is my version of a Health club.  This club leaves you feeling good and you don’t have a hangover the next day.  Join the club, Rob