Assessment Day

Why do so many people dread eval day?  Just like a teacher can predict the attendance of a student a trainer can predict when a client will cancel: the day they are being evaluated.  We can't fool ourselves anymore.  Let's measure.  Its objective.  Feelings are subjective.  We may feel good simply because we're avoiding the truth.  "I feel great.... No reason to weigh." But is that truth? Or avoidance of truth? Does it matter? Well yeah!  Study after study has proven that lighter people have less disease.  Lighter people live longer.  It may not matter now but on that fateful day maybe you would want 5 more years with the grandchildren versus right now!  So maybe if on eval day we see were up 20 pounds and we get real crabby for a few days.....suck it up butter cup!  Maybe that awareness gets you in gear and you drop that 20.  The bad mood gave you time.  I'll take it.  Too often we throw away the scales, the tape measures, and maybe even the mirrors!  But just because we're not facing the truth doesn't mean it's not the truth.  I believe the Big Book of life says "see the truth and the truth shall set you free".  I'd rather see the Truth and have a fighting chance.  If your trainer does Evals thank him.  We can only move forward if we know what we're moving from.  If they don't do Evals I would suggest getting a new trainer.  Do you want to feel good or be good.  If you get good than you'll genuinely feel good.