Merry Christmas

Maybe we are looking at our health and fitness all wrong? Have to's and obligations don't get to the heart of the matter.  The obligations in anything will only be carried it out so long.  If we need to eat healthy because we need to lose weight eventually our motivation will be gone.  We'll lose that few pounds and and get the lab results we seek this year only to fight again the battle next year.  Is this how the creator of life intended us to live? I don't think so.  So on Christmas why don't we consider a new way of thinking? What if we didn't take this life for granted nor our bodies for granted? How many people value their Heath once they've lost it?  Too many that I've seen.  What if we feel so grateful that we honor the body we wee given by taking care of it?  We might  then fuel it with food that energizes us and restores us.   When we take things for granted we tend to let things go.  I don't believe we were meant to diet and think so much about our food.  We have really all become so desensitized to our bodies, mind, and spirit that we have to rely on external feedback to gauge our progress. How's that working for us? By the time we get on the scale we have already done the damage.  How about If instead we Change from the inside out?  We begin by feeling grateful for our bodies and not feeling entitled for health.  We next tune into our heart and make choices that nourish us and fulfill us and not pleasure us.  Yes it's a battle but the battle is so much easier if we understand how blessed we are to be born and to have life.  Our gift back is to take care of the vessel we call our bodies.