As Good as it Gets

One of the biggest misconceptions in fitness is that it's easier for some people to get and stay physically fit than it is for others. The fact is the work is about the same. Some people simply want it more than others. This reminds me of the great movie As Good as it Gets when Raymond states "you really think it's easy being me?" I can relate. I'd love to sleep in, eat the cookie, binge on Mexican, and go easier during a workout, but my choice is to be my best. Sure there are some genetic considerations but for far too many thats a crutch. How bad do you want it? Looks are deceiving. Things may look easy but work is work. Just because somebody is not complaining about how hard something is it doesn't mean it's easy. This may simply mean they are handling the challenge far more gracefully than you think you could. Sometimes leaders must get under your skin.