I Love Math!

Those that have trained under me or been taught by me know that I love math! Why you say? It's a 99.9999% exact study. You get the point. Maintaining a healthy weight and getting there to begin with is not rocket science but it is mathematical science. We, our country, eat far more calories than we did 50 years ago and move way less. Simply move! Steps! We don't anymore unless we have to. The TV remote may have been the beginning of the end. Sit and flip. Prior to that we moved for everything. Now? No need. It used to take work to eat 1000 calories at a sitting. Now just drink a big gulp and eat a 7-11 hot dog. Three bites and 5 gulps! BAM! Fifty years you may burn close to as much in preparation. FitBit and similar devices are making a dent in our bellies. They are making people aware. Walk around all day and you burn x; sit on duff and point and click you burn y. X > Y. If we burn more than we put in we will lose. If it's the other way around you gain. How did you know before? You didn't. Now you can. This is one piece of technology that's helping health and fitness.