A Day in My Life

A day in the life.  So much of my day is planned around making sure I get a workout in.  To fitness enthusiasts you know exactly what I’m talking about.  I need to and I want to.  Today I knew I had my Gym to myself after 4.  I had already thought about that before I went to bed last night.  One could compare that to an addict knowing they can get their fix at a certain time the next day or a successful business man knowing he’s planned his day well.  Look at it either way.  I don’t care.  Works for me.  Knowing the day was clear I didn’t have to jam my workout in this am before work.  I could help Joanna get ready for school and take the dogs out an extra time so they done poop In the house.  I finished job one and didn’t have clients this afternoon so the treadmill was mine!  And after that I could work legs and do squats listening to the new U2 “album” as loud as I want!  Ahh Heaven.  I feel at peace working out and I like my space when I train.  It’s a reset.  My own time.  I’ve loved it most my life.  I could say who doesn’t but that’s a silly question because the answer is most people.  When I don’t get it in or I don’t get my space I feel cheated.  The day isn’t as good.  As I’m writing in this external journal my mind drifted to tomorrow.  When will I train tomorrow?  I can’t in am because I have clients. I work job one tomorrow from 7-2 so I can’t then.  From 3-4:30 there should be no clients in the gym.  There you go!  Planned. It’s not stress planning this. It’s a disappointment when I can’t.  I get pissed!  I’m thinking that if others felt, not thought this way our country would be more fit.   My day was good. I worked hard, ate pretty healthy, had moments of authenticity, had some laughs and got in a 75 minute workout.