What Does Your Fitness Do For Others?

Does your fitness or pursuit of it make the world a better place?  Should it?  Interesting question huh?  Or maybe rubs you the wrong way?  I don’t have the answer.  I think it’s a judgement call and who am I to judge others?  I think of this when I see others posting their selfie fitness pics and I think about this when I see inspiring people out there.  For me I think it means more If I’m working on a goal but using it to raise others to their goal.  So maybe the key is to share the truthfulness of the journey.  Many people are ultra proud of their six pack and are proud to post, but so?  You know?  I remember my advisor Mr. Gergly saying to me one time when I was in graduate school “Maxwell show me 1 million dollars to go with your bench press and then I’ll clap for you”.  I loved him!  Still do.  He’s dead on.  I think.  Being an example is great!  But maybe an example of health and fitness and not an example of a trophy hoarder or an 8 pack that took an excessive toll on your family.    Really it’s a choice.  Use it to lift others and I think it’s easier to maintain.  Use it to boost ego you may feel unfulfilled.  Think about it.  What is your pursuit of fitness doing for others?  Should it?  For me I want to lead by example and share my journey because I know it works, and for me yes I think what I do should help others.