Do The Next Right Thing

Do the next right thing.  Do this enough and you'll have a good hour.  Have enough good hours and you'll have a good day.  Enough good days leads to a good week.  The good weeks lead to good months.  String together good months and you'll have a good year.  The good years lead to good decades.  Good decades become a good life.  With a good life you leave a legacy. It all begins and ends with doing the next right thing.  

Merry Christmas

Maybe we are looking at our health and fitness all wrong? Have to's and obligations don't get to the heart of the matter.  The obligations in anything will only be carried it out so long.  If we need to eat healthy because we need to lose weight eventually our motivation will be gone.  We'll lose that few pounds and and get the lab results we seek this year only to fight again the battle next year.  Is this how the creator of life intended us to live? I don't think so.  So on Christmas why don't we consider a new way of thinking? What if we didn't take this life for granted nor our bodies for granted? How many people value their Heath once they've lost it?  Too many that I've seen.  What if we feel so grateful that we honor the body we wee given by taking care of it?  We might  then fuel it with food that energizes us and restores us.   When we take things for granted we tend to let things go.  I don't believe we were meant to diet and think so much about our food.  We have really all become so desensitized to our bodies, mind, and spirit that we have to rely on external feedback to gauge our progress. How's that working for us? By the time we get on the scale we have already done the damage.  How about If instead we Change from the inside out?  We begin by feeling grateful for our bodies and not feeling entitled for health.  We next tune into our heart and make choices that nourish us and fulfill us and not pleasure us.  Yes it's a battle but the battle is so much easier if we understand how blessed we are to be born and to have life.  Our gift back is to take care of the vessel we call our bodies. 

More Moderation!

How does that title make sense? Read and maybe you'll understand!  Who's the healthiest of this trio: couch potatoes, moderate exercisers, or obsessed fitness junkies? How about the trio of diet groups: see food diet (eat anything they see), heathly eaters, or Kale and Carrot heads? You'd have to really be a horrible test taker to miss these questions based on the title of blog.  It's the moderate group 2 that wins both times.  It seems that America doesn't like moderation.  Politically were either totally bat poop crazy right or nutso leftso.  I choose to be a free thinker and take each case case by case, but I'm not the norm (thank God).  In this diet and Health debate the research is on my side.  Over exercisers usually can't sustain their level and when they can't they quit.  Kale heads typically binge on junk food and justify.  Have you ever noticed that overweight people in the Lunch room at work are always giving their diet advice?  Huh? And typically be they fall off Their paleo kick and join the See Food click.  But those that chose to travel the road of moderation seem to avoid the dangers of the trees that grow to the far left and far right of the road.  They follow the path least traveled but don't ever stop.  That's the true key.  They are consistent because their lifestyle is sustainable.  So the 65 year old body builder simply kept at it for 45 years. The 75 year old runner ran a decent amount per week for years and years.  The nicely shaped beautiful grand mom never dieted nor ever lived without discipline.  Try moderation.  You may not feel the highs of excess bit you won't feel the lows of give up.  At Maxwell we believe in SEE training.  Safe, effective, and efficient.  Zero crazy claims.  Just giving you the real deal even if it's boring. 

Assessment Day

Why do so many people dread eval day?  Just like a teacher can predict the attendance of a student a trainer can predict when a client will cancel: the day they are being evaluated.  We can't fool ourselves anymore.  Let's measure.  Its objective.  Feelings are subjective.  We may feel good simply because we're avoiding the truth.  "I feel great.... No reason to weigh." But is that truth? Or avoidance of truth? Does it matter? Well yeah!  Study after study has proven that lighter people have less disease.  Lighter people live longer.  It may not matter now but on that fateful day maybe you would want 5 more years with the grandchildren versus right now!  So maybe if on eval day we see were up 20 pounds and we get real crabby for a few days.....suck it up butter cup!  Maybe that awareness gets you in gear and you drop that 20.  The bad mood gave you time.  I'll take it.  Too often we throw away the scales, the tape measures, and maybe even the mirrors!  But just because we're not facing the truth doesn't mean it's not the truth.  I believe the Big Book of life says "see the truth and the truth shall set you free".  I'd rather see the Truth and have a fighting chance.  If your trainer does Evals thank him.  We can only move forward if we know what we're moving from.  If they don't do Evals I would suggest getting a new trainer.  Do you want to feel good or be good.  If you get good than you'll genuinely feel good. 

Progressive Overload

One of the key points of getting maximal results and not overtrain is to use proper progressive overload.  Many trainees or gyms don't really have a plan.  The plan is "just go up" or wing it.  That only leads you so far and it's less than optimal.  If you want to ensure continuous progress use the 2 by 2 rule of profession which simply means that if you get two additional reps on your last set for two consecutive workouts go up in either reps or weight.  For example Robert is supposed to do 4 sets of 8-12 reps at 200 pounds and he gets 14 reps on his final set for two workouts in a row Robert should go up to 220 pounds (10%) and do sets of 8 working his way back up.  For some this method takes longer, but for the patient that apply this the results don't platue due to overtraining.  Your best athletes are disciplined.  They realize moving forward slowly will always beat stopping.  

Frequency of Strength Training

What is the perfect workout routine? How many days per week is ideal if I want to get bigger?  Or stronger? Or more cut?  I wish I had a dollar for everytime I've been asked that question or asked it!  I'd be rich!  Here is the final answer: there isn't one!  I have searched over and over for the holy grail of fitness and have come up empty.  I look at real research and not marketing.  The truth is that the ideal frequency or training split is the one you will do on a regular basis.  Whether you can train 2-3 times per week or 5-6, you can find peak fitness with that frequency.  The key is to either understand the physiology involved and what brings about the adaptations or hire a trainer that is qualified.  If you have less time to train during the week you'll need to isolate muscle groups less and plan less volume.  You will also need to work harder when you do train.  If you have plenty of days to allow for strength training you can isolate body parts more and train with a much higher volume.  You will also earn the right to not train quite as hard.  Whatever you have time for do it and make it consistently.  You may not be on the trail for the holy grail but you'll find the fountain of youth.  Be well, Rob